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PhotobucketToday the Homeschool Crew is stopping by Travel Kit island, the savior of harried parents who need a vacation from their vacation, after hearing “are we there yet?” way, way, WAY too many times. Sneak past the cover – quick, before the kids notice! – and follow me.

Over here – down this dark path, is the entrance to the page-jungle. Let me share the secrets that you must know to be successful as you fight the boredom tiger and avoid the wriggling monkeys.

This ebook has 90 “leaves” chock-full of color photos, inspiration to guide you on your hunt for kit-filling treasures. It’s complete in itself – but remember, it’s just a guide for your path. All ingredients for the kits you concoct will need to be obtained by you.

True masters of travel boredom are creative and inspired. Everyone else – well, this book can show you how to fake it. With suggestions to help you adapt travel kits to any age group or family, you can prepare a individualized kit for a family, or “mass produce” them ahead of time by age group or theme.

If you wish, you may induct other family members to help you on your kit-making quest – it’s up to you. One can go it alone, or the whole family can work together. Even the smallest can brainstorm fun ideas, there are no limitations here.

Now, just a little farther on… there. See that cave up there? That’s it. Go right on in. Find the wealth of ideas to inspire you and save yourself, or someone else, from a never-ending trip.

You don’t need much preparation; plan out items or themes ahead of time, or simply go with what seems good at the store, either way, you should find success at the end. No special methods are required, no need to walk across coals or dance like the natives, simply use a bit of common sense, and if all else fails, read the Travel Kit guidebook again.

What’s that?

Am I going in? Well… no. Not just yet, you see. I’m familiar with a similar island – Last Minute Gift Basket – and I’ve spent much time there lately.

Soon, though, our whole family will enter, preparing a travel kit for friends who will be driving to Mexico and back. Since they have a large family – and money is short right now – we plan to collect a treasure every week or two, and ought to have sufficient gathered by November when they leave.

My kids are excited about this expedition – they wanted to hop right there and create kits for everyone they could think of…  but mean old Mom just has to be that naughty word – responsible. Our adventure budget doesn’t quite expand to “everyone we know”.

Seek the boredom-free zone at Travel Kit island, and we shall soon join you there.

Travel Kits: A Simple Way To Bless Others is may be purchased from The Old Schoolhouse for $12.45.

Another fun item available from The Schoolhouse Store is Travel Activities in a Binder, and would make a great complimentary gift.

To see what other crew members had to say about this product, check out the TOS Homeschool Crew blog post, TOS – Travel Kits.

**I received this product for free as a member of the 2010-11 The Old Schoolhouse Homeschool Crew so that I could provide you with an honest review of it by our family.**


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