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Whew! We finally got a review that seemed perfect for active Tiger. He’s ALWAYS on the move, and in this mom’s opinion, could use a bit more direction for all that energy!

GoTrybe was created to help motivate today’s sedentary kids into a more active, healthy lifestyle. Filled with videos to show them HOW to exercise, a plan for WHEN to exercise, and rewards for actually EXERCISING, GoTrybe seems to have all the parts it needs to get kids out of their seat and onto their feet.

There are three levels for various age levels. Tiger got to try out Trybe180, but you can test out the program for yourself on any level you choose – see the free trial code below!

Once your student had signed in and filled out his/her profile, they’re ready to go. Each day, they will have four types of daily activities to complete: fitness, nutrition, motivation, and wellness. (There is also a section for their “avatar”, or likeness, in GoTrybe – more on this later.)

I’m not sure if these items vary from level to level, so keep in mind, I’m describing Trybe180, designed for middle-schoolers.

In the fitness portion, they have a choice of ready-made workouts, or they can customize their own from various videos by choosing a warmup, three cardio, one for strength, and one for flexibility. Tiger quickly decided he preferred to create his own, and he’s saved several of his favorite setups for later use. To use them, they watch the video and follow the directions for the activity in the video. Upon completion, they earn GoTrybe points, that they can later use in the GoTrybe store to purchase virtual items for their avatars.

With avatars, the student can personalize and feel a part of the service – active and involved, not just sitting on the outside and looking in. The points help to motivate their participation, and rewards them for daily use of GoTrybe.

Tiger likes the avatars, but he’d appreciate a few more options in the body features of the avatars – he wasn’t really able to make the avatar look at least somewhat like him, which disappointed him. (Then again, he promptly decided since it wouldn’t look like him anyways, it might as well have purple hair. Yeah.)

After fitness, the next section is nutrition. A short video clip is played, and then a question is asked regarding the material viewed. A correct answer earns points. A variety of instructors are used in the workout videos, and the motivation portion is used to have those instructors speak directly to the student to encourage their efforts toward better health and fitness. Points are rewarded for viewing. The last portion, wellness, has a short written piece on a health-related topic, though not necessarily about fitness. Again, a question is presented, with the opportunity to earn more points.

Students are also able to add their friends who are also using GoTrybe, to compare workouts and encourage each other through community involvement.

GoTrybe was a interesting experience. It’s sort of an unusual idea to present through the web, but in this case, it seems to work. Tiger felt a bit silly at first doing his workout along with the computer, but as time went by, his comfort zone increased. It would be even more effective with a larger screen available and multiple kids participating. It’s worth trying out, with a free trial available, and it’s a reasonable price, working out to less than $2 a month.

GoTrybe is an online subscription service, priced at just $19.95/year. Use code GETFIT to sign up for a free trial, and check it out for yourself.

To see what other crew members had to say about this product, check out the TOS Homeschool Crew blog post, GoTrybe.

**I received this product for free as a member of the 2010-11 The Old Schoolhouse Homeschool Crew so that I could provide you with an honest review of it by our family.**

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