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As the piles of library books can attest, there’s no question that we have avid readers in the household, but it’s taken a lot of hard work to get there. Cheyenne has recently been testing out an online subscription service, Reading Eggs, that would have made the learning-to-read process a lot less stressful for all of us.

The Reading Eggs service is actually composed of two separate parts:
Reading Eggs, aimed at 3 to 7-year-olds, for beginning and early readers, with 120 learn-to-read lessons and 96 spelling lessons, with 120 free worksheets that correspond to the lessons, and
– Reading Eggspress, aimed at 7-to-13 year olds, for those who can read early chapter books and beyond, with over 200 comprehension lessons and 600 ebooks.

Reading Eggs is divided into 12 map areas with 10 lessons each. Lessons are split into short, simple, components – it’s clearly designed to appeal to younger children with limited attention spans. The cheery cartoon characters give instructions in clearly spoken English; kids should easily learn their way around in Reading Eggs.

The Reading Eggs portion of the site was definitely too easy for Cheyenne. We played with it for a short while, just to see what it was like, and while it would have been a great tool for her to use when she was younger, she is definitely beyond it now.

Reading Eggspress, on the other hand, she loves. It’s interactive, it’s brightly colored, and she gets to earn eggs and “buy” virtual items. Reward systems like this appeal to her immensely, and as long as the goals are reasonably obtainable, she’s happy to work for them. The sense of accomplishment she gains is satisfying enough that it doesn’t matter the reward isn’t physical.

With daily use, she’s moving through the program fairly quickly – but then, she’s already a fairly fluent reader. There is plenty of material available to keep things fresh and interesting.

Reading Eggs would be an excellent choice for a beginning reader, especially at the yearly subscription price. The bright colors, cartoon style characters, and interactive nature make reading fun, not work – when learning to read is as appealing as playing a game, everybody wins.

My only recommendation – as usual, with this sort of thing – headphones are a absolute necessity. It helps both the student using the computer AND the rest of the household. The student is able to focus better, without being distracted by outside noises – and others are less likely to gather around the computer if they can’t hear it!

Interested, but want to try it out for yourself? No problem! Reading Eggs offers a 14-day free trial, plenty of time to see if it’s a good fit for your family.

Reading Eggs offers several subscription levels:
– $9.95 monthly (recurring, cancel at any time)
– $49.95 for 6 months
– $75.00 for 12 months
With the 6 and 12-month subscriptions, additional children may be added at the same time for a 50% discount off their subscription.

Reading Eggs also offers book and workbook bundles for purchase that are optional and may be used to reinforce learning.

To see what other crew members had to say, check out the TOS Homeschool Crew blog post, Reading Eggs.

**I received this product for free as a member of the 2011-12 The Old Schoolhouse Homeschool Crew so that I could provide you with an honest review of it by our family.**

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