Computer Science For Kids: Beginning Microsoft Small Basic

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  1. Philip Conrod says:


    Thank you for the very thorough review of our Small Basic Curriculum. We really appreciated your positive review.

    Since you mentioned the format several times I thought it might be a good idea for me to explain why we provide a Word .doc chapter based version of the tutorial. Over half of our customers are school teachers and they prefer the .doc format so that they can customize the curriculum for their specific class. They tend to add new projects or modify projects as they use the curriculum over and over again each year. We encourage teachers to modify the curriculum for their specific classes. We also provide the book in individual chapters so that school teachers and Homeschool CO-OP teachers can email each class chapter on a weekly basis to their students so all their students will work together on the same chapter that week.

    Based on your feedback, we will start including a full .PDF version for homeschool customers who prefer one single .PDF of the book for their homeschool students. We already create a single PDF of our book for commercial printing so that will not be a problem for us.

    Thanks again for reviewing our curriculum.

    Philip Conrod
    Publisher & President
    Kidware Software LLC

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