Short Stories With Andrea Carter & Circle C Adventures #Review

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  1. Thanks, wonderful Andi fans, for the great review of Tales and the shout-out for the other books. I knew that some day, some HOW I was going to have to explain the totally unrealistic (for 1880s) premise that Andi can wear overalls (on the ranch). It was a stretch even for me to let her do that, but it was just HER, ya know? So, I came up with that Britches/Overalls first story to be able to justify to myself (and to any historically picky reader regarding clothing for girls in the past) Andi wearing overalls in the CCBeginnings and CCAdventures. I did have her “graduate” to real clothes in the CCMilestones, but she’s not excited about the idea. LOL

    Anyway, I’m glad it struck a chord with you, and it was my only chance to get Andi’s father into a story.

    thanks again!

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